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The school Internet access is designed expressly for student and staff use and will include appropriate filtering.

Students will be taught what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and given clear objectives for Internet use.
Staff should guide students in on-line activities that will support the learning outcomes planned for the students’ age and maturity.
Students will be educated in the effective use of the Internet in research, including the skills of knowledge location and retrieval.
If staff or students discover unsuitable sites, the URL (address) and content must be reported to the Internet Service Provider via the SLT or Strategic ICT Manager.
The use of Internet derived materials by staff and by students must comply with copyright law.
Students should acknowledge the source of information and to respect copyright when using Internet material in their own work.
Students may only use approved e-mail accounts on the school system.
Students must immediately tell a teacher if they receive offensive e-mail.
Students must not reveal details of themselves or others, such as address or telephone number, or arrange to meet anyone in e-mail communication.
Access in school to external personal e-mail accounts may be blocked.
E-mail sent to an external organisation should be written carefully in the same way as a letter written on school headed paper.
The forwarding of chain letters is banned.
Students are not allowed access to public or unregulated chat rooms.
Newsgroups will not be made available unless an educational requirement for their use has been demonstrated.
It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all work is saved on the school network until he is told by a teacher that it is no longer required.
Each student is provided with a unique user name for the school network. This is the only user name a student is permitted to use. The password chosen must be kept confidential and not revealed to any other student. Passwords should be regularly changed.
In common with other media such as magazines, books and video, some material available via the Internet is unsuitable for students. The school will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that users access only appropriate material. However, due to the international scale and linked nature of Internet content, it is not possible to guarantee that unsuitable material will never appear on a school computer. The school cannot accept liability for the material accessed, or any consequences of Internet access.
The use of computer systems without permission or for inappropriate purposes could constitute a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.
The SLT will ensure that the Internet policy is implemented, and compliance with the policy monitored.
The school will work in partnership with parents, the LEA, DfES and the Internet Service Provider to ensure systems to protect students are regularly reviewed and improved.
Any student who accesses inappropriate material, misuses the school equipment or is in breach of the school network guidelines will be deemed to have breached the trust that is part of our partnership. He will therefore have his access to ICT resources withdrawn.

School web Site

The points of contact on the Web site are the school address, school e-mail and telephone number. Staff or students’ home information will not be published.
Web site photographs that include students will be selected carefully and will not enable individual students to be identified.
Students’ full names will not be used anywhere on the Web site, particularly associated with photographs.
If parents or guardians do not wish photographs of students to be published on the website or the school prospectus, the school should be informed in writing.
The Strategic ICT Manager and SLT will take overall editorial responsibility and ensure content is accurate and appropriate.


The school ICT systems will be reviewed regularly with regard to security.
Virus protection will be installed and updated regularly.
Personal data sent over the Internet will be encrypted or otherwise secured.
Use of USB drives will be regularly reviewed.
Unapproved system utilities and executable files will not be allowed in students’ work areas or attached to e-mail.
Files held on the school’s network will be regularly checked.


All staff must use the Internet and other ICT resources responsibly.
Staff should be aware that Internet traffic can be monitored and traced to the individual user. Discretion and professional conduct is essential. 
The full and complete computer use policy for staff can be found on our main school wed site, on staffs FROG systems or within staffs Starters Booklet


If you, or your parents / carers have a view on our internet policy which you would like to share with us, please send an email to 


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